How To Export Registrations To CSV

All of your registration information can be exported to a Comma-separated Values (CSV) file that will allow you to use that information however needed. CSV files are most commonly used with Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. Once you download your registration data to a CSV file, you can open or import the CSV file in the spreadsheet program of your choice.

To export your registrations navigate to: Event Espresso -> Events.

To download the CSV report of the registration data for a single event, hover over the event name you wish to export the registrations for and click the ‘Registrations’ link that appears.


You’ll be taken to a table of registrations specifically for that event, at the bottom of the table is the ‘All Registrations CSV Report’ button, click that button to start generating the CSV file:


Clicking that button will download a CSV of all the registrations for that event.

Filtered List

You can also export the attendees based on the filters at the top of the Registration page, or the  Check-in tab. You can filter by date (month/year), category, status and event and datetime.

Filter Event Espresso Attendees

You can then export that filtered list of attendees by clicking the “Filtered CSV Report” button at the bottom of the page.

To download a CSV report of all your registration data, just navigate to: Event Espresso > Registrations, and at the bottom click the “All Registrations CSV Report” button. That will download all the registration data for all events in one file. Depending on how much data you have, this may take a few minutes for your server to build the report and give you the file.

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