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Documentation for officially supported add-ons.

46 articles

Attendance Tracking

4 articles


Release notes of changes to plugins.

8 articles

Event Espresso Core

4 articles

Extending Event Espresso

How developers can do more.

45 articles

How To

How to do set up or use certain features.

65 articles

Installing & Updating Event Espresso

4 articles

Menu Guide

Navigating through features and pages.

23 articles

Messages & Notifications

Using the messages and notification features.

12 articles


6 articles

Payment Methods

How to collecting money online.

28 articles

Pre-release Downloads

Access to early release candidate versions of plugins.

8 articles


Controlling the display and layouts.

10 articles

Use Cases

Setup for specific types of events.

14 articles

Getting Started

Install and set up your first event with payments.

20 articles


How to diagnose and fix problems.

9 articles