Accept donations alongside event registrations with Event Espresso

Donations can help your organization reach its fundraising goals by allowing contributions from guest’s that are attending as well as guests that cannot make it to an event.

For example, let’s say that you are hosting a dinner to benefit your favorite local charity. The cost of the dinner is $50 per guest, and you have spots for up to 45 guests. By introducing some fixed-price donation options, you can further raise funds so you’ll have these pricing options.

– Registration for dinner: $50 (required)
– Donation for $50
– Donation for $100
– Donation for $250

With the options above, a guest that is attending can donate in addition to choosing the required registration option.

Variable donation options are not yet supported, and you can create fixed-price options. Vote for this feature here.

There are two ways to handle donations in Event Espresso.

1) The donations can be created as extra pricing options through the event editor and be connected to their own date time, so they don’t affect the limit of the dinner

2) You can create a separate event that handles registrations for donations only. Then you can include a link to the donation-only event in the original event’s description. You can even create a custom registration approved email that asks for donations after a guest has registered.

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