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Getting Started with Event Espresso 4

Here are the commonly used resources to help you install, configure and publish your first event quickly in EE4. Get Started with Event Espresso 4 »

Getting Started with Event Espresso 3

Here are the commonly used resources to help you install, configure and publish your first event quickly in Event Espresso 3. Get Started with Event Espresso 3 »

Do you need a little extra help? Take a look at the Getting Support options below.

Getting Support

Log in to EventEspresso.com to access the following support options.

Standard Support:

Each Event Espresso Support License comes with 12 months of standard support. Standard support includes access to the Event Espresso:

  • Documentation – Resources for the beginner and advanced users.
  • Support Forums – Professional help from Event Espresso staff and experienced users.
  • Pre-release Channel – Alpha or Beta versions of Event Espresso products that are being tested before official release.
  • Professionals – Hire a developer or development agency to help you with your project.
  • Resources – Resources, Guides, Tutorials, Tips, Strategies and reports on how to be successful with WordPress event registration and ticketing plugins; especially for event managers, developers and business owners.
  • Translate Event Espresso – Learn how to translate Event Espresso into your language.
  • Vote on New Features – Help guide the development of your favorite event registration system.

Premium Support (optional):

Sometimes it’s best if you just ask the experts to get involved quickly and directly. We have a few options to make your life easier and your events more successful:

  • Priority Support Tokens – If you can’t figure things out, we’ll do our best to make sure your specific challenges are resolved and your events are successful (excludes custom coding or custom development).
  • Custom Gateway Integration – Would your business and your events be more successful if you could use a different payment gateway, or do you already have an account with a payment gateway that Event Espresso does not yet support? We can integrate the payment gateway you need.
  • Sponsor a New Feature – Need a new feature and really wanna make it happen? Sponsoring features puts your request to the front of the development plans.

Community Chat

Join a real-time community chat group (hosted by Event Smart) for professionals that are leading the way in events from event management, event technology and event marketing to work-life balance.

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The full version can be found on Github and provides everything that you need to sell tickets, collect payments, and manage events all from within your WordPress dashboard.

Developer Resources

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