Collect Attendee Information for Each Ticket

With Event Espresso, you have the option to collect information about attendees for each ticket/registration. One attendee (the Primary Registrant) can register other attendees (Additional Registrants) in one checkout.


To collect attendee information for each ticket/registration purchase do the following:

  • Edit your event
  • Go to the Question for Additional Registrants area (right-hand side of the page)
  • Select the question group(s) that contain the questions you want to ask each attendee. 

The Primary Registrant is the first attendee in the group. The Additional Registrants are the other attendees that are part of the group (2+).

Checkout Process

After you have configured your event to ask information for Additional Registrants, the Primary Registrant will be given the option to provide information on each attendee/ticket purchased. In case that the Primary Registrant is buying a lot of tickets, we provide an convenient way to copy data from the first form to the subsequent forms.

This is the example of purchasing two tickets with only the Personal Information groups.

Messages and Notifications

Each attendee will receive their own notification when their registration is approved.

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