Venue Manager

Easily set up and manage venues via the  Venue Manager menu to create profiles for venues that are available to be re-used for individual events. This saves you time from having to add information about the address or location of the event every time you create an event.

The first thing you will see is the  Manage Venues overview page where you can add or edit venues. (The Venue Manager screen is not available in Event Espresso 3 until you go to Event Espresso > General Settings > Advanced Features and change the Use the Venue Manager? dropdown to yes and save. The Venue management is available by default in Event Espresso 4.)

venue manager - overview

To add a venue, click one of the  Add New Venue buttons at the top or bottom of the screen.

Address: add the address details of the venue. Try to use the correct format of your country so that the mapping system and attendees can find the location.

Locale: If you have the Roles and Permissions Pro add on, you can group your venues together in locales. After creating a locale (see the Locales/Regions documentation) you simply select the correct one from the dropdown box.

Contact: Add the details of the contact person for the event.

Venue Description: Add a description of the venue, this will be displayed when you use the Venue shortcodes.

Once you have some venues the Manage Venues overview page will be populated and you can see at a glance the Venues ID, Name, Locale, Creator and Shortcode. The shortcode can be used in any post, page or event.

The  Live Search Filter can be used to quickly find venues by name, locale, creator etc.

venue manager - add new venue

Remember that sometimes the location of the event can be attraction for some attendees; they may want to travel to your event because of where it is. The venue may be a local spot or a traveling destination. Either way, take the opportunity to emphasize any benefits of the location that might matter to your attendees. Here are some ideas you can consider highlighting about your event venue:

  • Address
  • Facility type (hotel, office building, etc.)
  • Amenities (pool, spa, workout equipment, wifi, security, parking, etc.)
  • Suggested directions from major destinations (airport, parks, public transportation, etc.)
  • Nearby businesses and attractions (sport parks, grocery stores, restaurants, museums, etc.)
  • Special prices and rates (if you negotiated special rates, mention that and how people get better prices)
  • Accessibility, whether the venue can the location meet any disability or special needs.

Posting photos and videos of the location can help attract and build anticipation for the event. You can contact the event venue facility for high-quality photos and videos to publicize your event at that location.

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