EE3 S2Member Integration

The S2Member Integration is only available as a Pre-release download.

S2Member Integration allows you to choose the level of members that should receive a membership discount.

It is currently in Beta and available from the pre-release channel within your account.


S2Member installed and activated

WP User Integration (members) add on (ver 1.9.8 or higher) installed and activated

Once you have installed and activated the S2Member integration, and the other required plugins, please setup the integration by going to Member Settings.

Two additional settings have been added to this page:

Use S2Member level threshold?: Turns the integration on or off.

S2Member threshold: Sets the minimum threshold to be applicable for discount.

How it works

The S2Member threshold setting shows numbers 1 to 4 which link to the S2Member roles. If you set the threshold to 2, a user must be S2Member level 2 or higher to see the discounted price in the event registration page.

If they are level 1 they will see the normal “non member” price.

Please note:
This will only work for S2Member levels, if a user is a subscriber, editor or any other default WordPress level they will see the “non member” pricing even though they would be logged in, as long as the S2Member Integration plugin is active.

Please note:
The price will only be different on the single registration page, not the event list.

The S2Member Integration is only available as a Pre-release download.
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