Remove the Second Button on the Confirmation Page

The confirmation page for Event Espresso 3 has two buttons that a user can click to proceed onto the payment page. The reason for this is some peoples details can be rather long, especially when registering additional attendees and providing all their data, so having a button near the bottom ensures that a registrant/attendee can continue registration checkout whether they are viewing information at the top of the page or information below the fold of the page.

However, what if your confirmation page is often short or you simply don’t want the additional button at the bottom of the page?

A simple CSS fix can remove it for you.

/* hide second confirmation button */ 
input#confirm2.btn_event_form_submit {display:none;}

To apply these new styles, just copy and paste them into the them Customizer, your child theme’s stylesheet or into a plugin like My Custom CSS or Reaktiv CSS Builder. Then save changes.

After applying those changes, you can view the registration process as an attendee and see that the registration page doesn’t have the second button.

If you have other changes you want to make to the Event Espresso templates or layouts, please contact us in the support forums.

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