EE3 Volume Discount Add-on

The Volume Discount add-on is only available as a Pre-release download.

Event Espresso 3.1.27 or newer is required.

Volume discounting can be a useful way to incentivize attendees to purchase more tickets or take action and purchase sooner. Automatic discounting can also save you administrative time and energy by granting volume discounts that someone would otherwise have to contact you about to get help with special pricing. So, this add-on for EE3 is good for earning more revenue and saving you money (in the form of time).

The Volume Discount add-on allows you to set thresholds for discounting when people purchase multiple tickets or register for multiple events.


We recommend creating categories for your events. Then you can set it up so that categories of events get the discount. However, if you are not using categories, then you have to set the volume discount settings to “All Categories”.

In this example, the discount threshold starts at $70. Then the system applies a 50% discount the total price of the combined registrations.

  • One-click updates are not available for this download at this time.
  • Please report any errors, bugs or corrections in the Pre-release Forum
The Volume Discount add-on is only available as a Pre-release download.
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