How to Change the events CPT Slug

By default, Event Espresso 4 uses the /events/ Custom Post Type (CPT) slug (permalink) to organize your events. The word “events” is a generic term for all types of happenings, classes, conferences, workshops, fundraisers, virtual events, etc. If your organization hosts one type of event, or uses a different word or translated word, it may add clarity to your events by renaming the events CPT slug to the single type of event that you host, e.g. “workshops” or “conferences”.

To Change the Custom Post Type (CPT) Slug

Login to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Events –> Templates. Then look for the Events List Pages section and then Event Slug. Change events to your new slug (e.g. workshops, courses, classes, etc) and save changes by clicking on the save button.


Then immediately go to Settings (your WordPress settings not Event Espresso settings) –> Permalinks to refresh your permalink on your WordPress site. This step is important.

More Information
For more information about re-declaring/changing a plugin’s Custom Post Type slug, please check this post on the WordPress Stack Exchange website:

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