2017 Changelog Archive

November 29, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.53.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix undefined variable in EED_Core_Rest_Api::maybe_notify_of_basic_auth_removal()
  • Fix Catchable fatal error:
    Argument 2 passed to EED_Messages::payment() must be an instance of EE_Payment, null given in EED_Messages.module.php on line 458
  • Fix broken EE_Post_Content_Field and EE_Simple_HTML_Field sanitization
  • Add core filter for Event Customization app to hook into

November 28, 2017

iPay88 Payment Method 1.0.2.p


  • Add support for Indonesia
  • Filter order description method

November 21, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.52.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix change timezone from UTC persistent notice
  • Fix Datetime offset tool redirect on sites with subdomains
  • Fix question editor not saving changes
  • Improve modal centering for small screens

November 16, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.51.p

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure nag notice message is set when redisplaying existing notice
  • Don’t show the payment method was automatically deactivated messaging to subscribers
  • Fix possible runaway ee_transient_schedule and ee_ssn_* and ee_shc_* transients
  • Make question type categories more accessible
  • Fix argument 1 passed to EEH_Line_Item::delete_all_child_items() must be an instance of EE_Line_Item, null given


  • Improve EE_Registrations_incoming_data so that convert_data_for_persistent_storage receives (and validates) IDs instead of objects

November 8, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.50.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where some expired session transients are not deleted
  • Fix unclosed anchor tag in event editor for duplicator button link
  • Fix Fatal Error:
    Call to a member function execute() on boolean in EED_Messages.module.php
  • PayPal Express: Pass Line Item details in DoExpressCheckoutPayment API call
  • Improve session expiry error messages
  • Add extra check for compatibility before migrating tables to utf8mb4
  • Add warning before resetting DB tables from EE Maintenance page


  • Update messaging shown in registration checkout if an event is full and a guest is trying to pay
  • Change use of esc_sql() in
    to use  $wpdb-prepare() instead
  • Improve Datetime Offset tool
  • When clicking valid shortcode, add it to the related field (newsletter composing)
  • Update UXIP link to use HTTPS

October 19, 2017

QuickBooks payment method 1.0.2.p

  • Add trailing slash on root URL used with redirect_uri

October 18, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.49.p


  • Add [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] shortcode to available newsletter template shortcodes
  • Fix auto-demotion of registrations to Wait List

October 13, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.48.p

Bug fixes:

  • Remove spaces between HTML tags when creating PDFs through DOMPDF
  • Fix REST API unit test failures and endpoint query filtering due to changes in WordPress 4.9
  • Check for mb_strcut before attempting to use it
  • Error proof method in EE_Capabilities where the assumption is made that a site has any of the default roles
  • Fix messages system bulk option ‘Generate and send’ not sending messages
  • Revisit – Improve display of sub line items on Payment Options step
  • Fix duplicate cache keys being generated in


  • Add a shortcode for the TXN ID returned from the gateway to the payment received messages

October 11, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.47.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix opening and closing div mismatch on SPCO return to Payment options page
  • Restore setting transactions to Abandoned transaction status
  • Fix form help text container appearing in form markup despite there being no help text
  • Don’t load trashed registrations when processing messages
  • Fix forms system output before multiple choice checkbox html
  • Fix issue where abandoned registrations keep reserved tickets
  • Fix bug with the default generation of EE_Message_Addressee objects for address context within EE_message_type
  • Fix issue where email field is blank after saving invalid email address in the admin
  • Fix issue where ticket/datetime cloner copies over the ticket’s/datetime’s reserved count
  • Fix issue where bullhorn action does not track batch messages
  • Fix permanent delete events action
  • Fix usage of deprecated WP_User::_init_caps in tests (and code)
  • Fix single context message generation for messages
  • Fix failing test case in EE_Registration_Processor_Test
  • Fix generating preview for registration type messages creating entries in the message activity list table
  • Fix transaction event revenue report sub-query
  • Convert all uses of do_action() to do_action_ref_array() where arrays of objects are passed as the first parameter
  • Include proper default where conditions for transaction query
  • Fix failing unit test due to Daylight Savings Time
  • Use prefixed clearfix html class for the [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode’s pagination element
  • PayPal Express order description: Use mb_strcut() instead of substr()
  • Fix HTML entities shown in CSV column headers
  • Move BN field in PayPal Express to the DoExpressCheckout parameter
  • Fix issue with filtered CSV reports where some registrations are replaced with another registration from the same transaction
  • Fix support link in plugin description


  • Configure PSR-4 Autoloader before bootstrapping Event Espresso
  • Add ability to make admin notices dismissible
  • Add new updateStatusBasedOnTotalPaid() method and call when copying registrations
  • Create new Context DTO class as a standardized way of passing along contextual knowledge when performing an action
  • Add ContextChecker Class
  • Tweak EE_Attendee::full_name() to only add space between first and last names if both exist
  • Add filter for where conditions on query for question groups for the question group meta boxes in the event editor
  • Add filter on default value for EE_Base_Class::get_extra_meta so that plugins can override what the default is for a meta key
  • Improve after_registration method on EE_Register_Addons so that it is delayed a bit from being called until after client code has a chance to deregister an add-on
  • Display form-wide errors

Updates to core to add support for waitlist add-on:

  • Add getter for $iframe property to DisplayTicketSelector
  • Fix error on finalizing registration when the visit should automatically demote all pending registrations in a group to the waitlist from pending payment
  • Fix form generation when multiple FormHandlers are on the same page
  • Improve Checkout response for Wait List registrants

Merged pull requests from Github:

September 11, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.46.p

Bug fixes:

  • Use Event Espresso version when registering admin stylesheets
  • Fix incorrect count returned by EE_Event::spaces_remaining() when there are two tickets attached to one datetime that has a registration limit
  • Display all ticket selector content when retrieved via AJAX requests
  • Fix issue where icon for check-in status not displaying correctly for toggled check-ins
  • Fix HTML/CSS class change on registration form questions
  • Fix Fatal error that occurs when deactivating Payment Method addons
  • Fix issue where simple ticket selector ignores minimum ticket capability
  • Add LoaderFactory
  • Fix Fatal error: Function name must be a string (when server has PHP 5.3)
  • Fix Reset Capabilities tool so it re-adds ee_payment_method_{pm_name} capabilities
  • Add Cache control parameter to LoaderDecoratorInterface
  • Fix issue where JSON linked data schema formatting overrides date and time formats used elsewhere
  • Don’t unset non-object values when resetting EE_Registry
  • Fix Front end Maintenance Mode so site admins can access events on the front end
  • Fix Bulk actions: ‘Set Registrations to Not Approved’ action
  • Don’t set MIME version in email headers
  • Fix EE add-on menu depending on capabilities for display not displaying after initial activation of add-on adding those capabilities
  • Fix missing bulk actions on Filtered by Event check-in list table view
  • Don’t grant meta capabilities (e.g. ee_edit_event) to a role
  • Fix exception thrown when using the contacts ‘Move to trash’ bulk action
  • Fix <code> tags displayed in messages settings
  • Fix issue where some shortcode assets are not loaded on private pages/posts
  • Only set the timezone on the model from the model object during
    EEM_Base::instantiate_from_array_or_object for EEM_Event
  • Fix EE_Line_Item::recalculate_total_including_taxes() for cloned line items generated by
  • EE4 REST API: Avoid notice thrown when using [ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES] in an events description
  • Fix Integration Test expectations in phpunit test cases for REST endpoints


  • Allow authenticated users to insert data using the REST API
  • Optimize/speed up creation of EE4 model objects
  • Add a [VENUE_META] shortcode to the message templates
  • Move checkin status constants to EE_Checkin class
  • Extract all WP_Admin_Bar related logic from EE_System into new application and domain services
  • Inject the new Loader class (and other dependencies) into EE_System and use for loading classes
  • Instantiate ShortcodesManager using LoaderFactory::getShared()
  • Add ModelFieldFactory class
  • Refactor EE_Request_Handler::is_set() and get() to drill down and find request parameters nested deeper than the top level of the request parameter array
  • Add user interface toggle for turning on or off messages contexts
  • Add new messages shortcode for generating the url to the venue details page
  • Display friendly error message when there is no active payment method in
  • Add filter hook to question groups query in
  • Add filter hook to query getting questions for a question group found in
  • Add cc: field to email message templates
  • Add helper method to EEH_URL for removing specified query parameters from the
    current_url result
  • Modify EE_Register_Shortcode to handle registering shortcodes in the newer shortcode system
  • Add more information to the single check in record view
  • Add notice warning about upcoming changes impacting those using a UTC offset for datetimes
  • Add link to front end reg_url_link from the transactions admin list page
  • Automatically delete any related esp_extra_meta records when an EE_Entity is permanently deleted
  • Simplify EEM_Base::delete_permanently to actually know which model objects are getting deleted
  • Add “step” attribute to EE_Number_Input_Display_Strategy and do validation of incoming values
  • Convert EEM_Change_Log::Log_Type field to a Text Field so there is more flexibility for the types that can be used

September 6, 2017

Payment Methods Pro 1.0.1.p

  • Change hook used to check if MER is activated and de-activate
  • Don’t use currency payment method model

August 24, 2017

Espresso Grid View 1.2.4.p

  • Allow viewing event info on mobile devices
  • Allow add-on to load different custom templates

August 22, 2017

Espresso Calendar 3.2.11.p

  • Filter the registration button html to allow for custom register now buttons
  • Allow multiple categories at the same time with a single ESPRESSO_CALENDAR shortcode
  • Allow the use of parent categories within the calendar

August 3, 2017

Event Espresso Ticket Scanning add-on 1.0.11.p


  • Fix incorrect capability check used for Barcode Scanner functionality
  • Include private events in scanner ui event drop down

July 26, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.45.p

Bug fixes:

  • Don’t return early from save() for unchanged objects with non-int IDs, and fix creation of Status objects in unit tests
  • Remove unused bulk actions dropdown menu from default message templates admin page
  • Fix issue where duplicating an event does not copy over Featured image, page template selection, custom message templates
  • Fix phpunit tests running on phpunit 6.1+ for PHP7 and PHP7.1 in
  • Use constant for DOMPDF_DEFAULT_PAPER_SIZE instead of hardcoded value
  • Fix issue where select Ajax Mode REST Input doesn’t actually accept normal query params
  • Fix WP_Query args stripped out of EventListQuery


  • Improve to EE_Base_Class::save()’s use of $_has_changes property
  • Improve Custom_Messages_Template_List_Table by extending

July 19, 2017

EE4 Promotions 1.0.11.p

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Add [PROMOTIONS_USED] shortcode to transaction based message shortcodes
  • Filter the event names within the ‘Promotion applies to…’ metabox
  • Update the [ESPRESSO_PROMOTIONS] shortcode description text

July 17, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.44.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where event duplicator duplicates an event’s datetime ticket reserved count
  • Fix issue where Country Settings page is giving no feedback when changing the settings
  • Fix issue where localized data objects are output twice
  • Fix Uncaught ReferenceError: ee_dismiss is not defined JavaScript error when dismissing an EE admin notification
  • Allow archived tickets (that have no registrations) to be deleted
  • Fix PHP notices that occur when saving settings on Event Espresso > Events > Templates
  • Fix dependencies for PostRelatedCacheManager
  • Fix usage of venue-related strings when calling
  • Fix undeclared variable in
  • Fix issue where the CSV file gets removed from the server before Chrome can download the file
  • Fix issue where clicking the “Move to Trash” link on an auto draft event/venue does not remove the post


  • Create interfaces for “tagging” classes as singletons with a reset() method, and for classes that do not store blog or request specific state
  • Rename ConstantsAbstract to DomainBase and add Domain class to core
  • Create LoaderFactory
  • Add new actions and filter hooks
  • Refactor some methods that calculate tickets sold and/or remaining
  • Refactor the dropdown filter that displays registration statuses on the Registrations Admin list table
  • Update Dependency Map
  • Add filter on Extend_Registration_Form_Admin::_email_validation_settings_form for section proper subsections so the output can be modified
  • Add new action in duplicate event logic to hook in when other related items are being duplicated
  • Add timestamp display to registration checkins list table
  • Add clarification to the Reset/Delete Data page to inform that Event Category Terms will not be deleted

June 28, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.43.p

Bug fixes:

  • Enqueue espresso_default.css when EE upcoming events widget is displayed
  • Avoid: openssl_cipher_iv_length() [function.openssl-cipher-iv-length]: Unknown cipher algorithm warnings
  • Avoid conflicts with plugins that optimize script loading
  • Load deprecated EE_Event_List_Query class for backwards compatibility
  • Fix issue where displayed Subtotal of ticket price gets rounded to the nearest dollar in the admin
  • Make sure EventEspresso\core\services\assets\Registry is loaded as cached so it gets set on the AssetsRegistry property in EE_Registry
  • Improve default experience for Decaf messages where date time name and description shortcodes are used
  • Fix Multi-status summary message type so it sends messages only if there are multiple registration statuses
  • Fix “Move to Trash” link within any EE CPT editor (event, venue, person, attendee/contact)
  • Make admin registration list more responsive for small screens
  • Don’t cache ticket selector and attendee shortcodes
  • fix TableManager::dropTables() where multiple EE models use the same EE table


  • Improve display of sub line items on Payment Options step
  • Add filter for AdminOptionsSettings generated form sections
  • Add filter hook to allow changing the registrations search query
  • Add a Select Timezone in the Timezone admin alert

June 15, 2017

Braintree 1.0.6
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Update Braintree SDK and add additional filter hooks
  • Remove the accepted message

June 14, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.42.p

Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Fix issue where returning from an off-site gateway results in a blank screen on servers that don’t have output_buffering set to On
  • Fix undefined index/invalid argument warning from Messages class when messages are set to send on same request
  • Allow custom message templates to be used if all events in the cart are set to use the same custom message template

June 11, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.41.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing space between attributes and missing attribute closing bracket in event editor inputs
  • Fix broken pagination in ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode output


  • Remove link to sign up for Mijireh account
  • Deprecate EEM_Currency_Payment_Method and EE_Currency_Payment_Method, and no longer insert rows into esp_currency_payment_method when activating new payment methods or during the 4.6 migration.

June 8, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.40.p

Bug fixes:

  • Paypal Express – treat SuccessWithWarning as success, so duplicate requests are treated as success
  • Fix Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
    core/helpers/EEH_Event_View.helper.php on line 59
  • Fix timeout on Maintenance page system info
  • Fix issues with EE_Config
  • Add fix for themes that don’t call get_header()
  • Don’t cache Ticket Selector shortcode’s output
  • Fix PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class EE_Event_List_Query not found


  • Update credits tab
  • Initial file cleanup for event editor classes
  • Simplify enqueueing of assets in EE_System and other core classes

May 30, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.39.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where success notices are not showing for triggering resend of messages
  • Remove usage of mcrypt as it has been deprecated in PHP7.1
  • Bump the_content filter priorities back up to what they were originally
  • Fix open and closing div tag mismatch in the Ticket Selector that occurs with Expired tickets
  • Get current form step and make sure it is displayable before attempting to display progress steps
  • If event has default reg status of Not Approved, then don’t display info on it, unless there are registrations for it that are returning to pay
  • Add is_object() check in LooseCollection::add() method
  • Add new state form: Use EE_Div_Per_Section_Layout() instead of EE_No_Layout() so that validation errors appear in the correct location
  • Fix Batch message button’s selected registration count
  • Fix issue where Registration Multi-status Summary messages do not get triggered
  • Fix backticks found in links for Custom Message Templates
  • Fix resetting of EE_Error notices in Extend_General_Settings_Admin_Page
  • Fix the messages [QUESTION] shortcode value returned now being wrapped in <p> tags
  • Add check for iconv() before converting characters in Authnet AIM fields
  • When no response is received from AIM, give a more helpful message
  • Fix array to string conversion EE_Text_Normalization.strategy.php on line 38 when manually applying a payment/refund
  • Fix the invoice payment method default ‘Confirmation Text’ string
  • Set PayPal Pro’s order description field’s limit to 127 characters


  • Don’t instantiate models just to map meta caps
  • Add Benchmark class for testing loading and execution times
  • Don’t use post shortcodes array for tracking but instead load resources dynamically
  • Allow Closures for dependency loaders and allow aliases for specific classes
  • Add Command Factory
  • Add ability to execute Commands from within CommandHandlers
  • Add new shortcode [GOOGLE_MAPS_URL] that will return the url to the Google map
  • Add show_title parameter for the [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode
  • Registrations CSV – Force phone number to display as text within Excel
  • EE4 data deletion: Add clarification to explain what it does with add-ons

May 2, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.38.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix conditional to avoid Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array
  • Restore SPCO form validation message box
  • Change database field limits to allow more decimal places for line item and transaction totals
  • In EE_Transaction primary_registration method get all primary registrations and look for one that isn’t canceled, or just return first item found
  • Fix behaviour of add-on message types so that active state is preserved across deactivations/de-registration and reactivation/registration of the add-on
  • Add tooltip to Rsrvd field
  • Fix PHP notice for EE4 Decaf Plugin Update Engine
  • Add check for slug field for Plugin Update Engine client
  • Fix broken inputs in mobile Datetime and Ticket editor
  • REST API: Filter out shortcodes within the Event Description field
  • Make sure EEH_Activation::delete_all_espresso_tables_and_data only lists tables once in the assembled drop tables expression
  • Fix addon activation in EE_Register_Addon not properly setting the activation indicator option


  • Create Integer Input class and corresponding number display strategy
  • Create Loading System with controllable built-in caching
  • Implement new constants abstract that can be utilized by core and add-ons for their own Constants file
  • Add option to set a default value for the Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event field
  • Add improvements to Plugin Update Engine client to make it more resilient
  • Update various content on Event Espresso admin pages
  • Use the_content filter on EE_Post_Content_Field get_pretty method
  • REST API: Change the no-SSL message

May 1, 2017

Stripe 1.0.15
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Add filter hooks
  • Remove the accepted message
  • Fix issue where payment amount is not displayed
  • Add filter for the $stripe_data array used when making a Stripe charge
  • Add data-locale parameter so Stripe will use the customer’s language
  • Change order of credential fields

Infusionsoft 2.1.5
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Handle exceptions which might be thrown when syncing
  • Fix failing unit tests

Ticketing 1.0.5
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Fix issue where the ticket notice is not generated when the send on same request option is enabled for the messages system and only the primary registrant context is enabled
  • Change default Ticket Notice templates to use [TXN_TICKETS_APPROVED_URL] short code
  • Add error proofing for `EE_Ticketing::_get_ticket_url()`
  • Use home url instead of site url for ticket link urls

April 12, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.37.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix hook names where different action hooks have the same names
  • Use EE plugin version instead of WP version for script version number added to the asset’s URL as a query string for cache busting purposes
  • Fix multiple payments methods shown when Payment Methods Pro is de-activated
  • Fix EE4 REST API not reporting check-in status when tickets are trashed
  • Fix issue where un-required and un-selected State registration form fields throw validation error
  • Fix failing unit test for EE_Form_Section_Proper_Test::test_submitted_values
  • Fix undefined variable: current_db_state in migration_options_from_ee4.template.php on line 32


  • Add new method to EEM_Event for getting active and upcoming events
  • Add new filter hooks in the Help > Shortcodes tab content

April 3, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.36.p

Bug fixes:

  • Revert: Configure PSR-4 Autoloader before bootstrapping EE

March 30, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.35.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix blank State field when returning to edit information on attendee information step
  • Fix issue where payments cannot be deleted when they are attached to registrations
  • Fix ticket selector when Maximum number of tickets allowed per order equals 1 and WP User integration restricts tickets
  • Fix issue where ticket reservations aren’t cleared when the Multi Event Registration cart is abandoned
  • Fix conditional that breaks message queueing in PHP5.6+
  • Fix “Text Domain” in plugin header
  • Fix issue where [PAYMENT_GATEWAY] shortcode always returns “Invoice”
  • Add better REST API check-in endpoint responses
  • Check if the URL includes a scheme, if not append ‘http://’ to Venue Editor’s Event URL field


  • Configure PSR-4 Autoloader before bootstrapping EE
  • Add new hooks to Single Page CheckOut for use in Wait List add-on
  • Add FormHtmlParser class for parsing a form section’s rendered HTML

March 16, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.34.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where canceling a PayPal Express payment from a revisit leads to a blank registration screen
  • Fix ticket selector output when ticket selector row content is filtered
  • Fix front end date picker input not loading CSS (Github pull request)
  • Don’t send emojis in Authorize.net AIM requests


  • Add REST API site_info to provide basic auth data required by mobile apps

March 10, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.33.p

Bug fix:

  • Fix Reg_code not getting set

March 9, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.32.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix answer cache id when processing attendee info during spco return visit
  • Add button to Maintenance > Reset page: Reset Ticket and Datetime Reserved Counts
  • Reinstate AHEE__EE_Cron_Tasks__finalize_abandoned_transactions__abandoned_transaction action hook
  • Switch registration status to “Cancelled” when registration is moved to Trash bin
  • Restore the change in ticket selector table so that if no free tickets require selection, no selector is displayed
  • In REST API schema response, ensure immutable properties (fields) on a model are correctly represented by the readonly flag.
  • Remove warnings about Basic Auth’s removal
  • Make bundled basic auth not interfere with oAuth server
  • Fix HTML IDs in Payment method settings admin pages so JavaScript validation works with Payment Methods Pro add-on
  • Mijireh payment method: When checking whether a transaction is paid via Mijireh, check all its pending Mijireh payments, not just the most recent one
  • Add error proofing to EEH_Schema.helper.php

New features and Enhancements:

  • Embed Upcoming Event List for displaying and event list on other websites
  • Set txn property on EE_Messages_Registrations_incoming_data if all the registrations that are sent in are for the same transaction
  • Build in support for conditional type shortcodes in the Messages Shortcode parser
  • Add action for before an addon is de-registered using EE_Register_Addon and after an addon has been de-registered using EE_Register_Addon
  • eejs-api: Make sure the library authorizes with cookie if available
  • Separate “fetch” behaviour for the vue model mixin from the “add” behaviour (among other important changes)
  • Make sure in the schema that the value for default follows the same pattern as what is used for the field value
  • Allow passing basic auth authentication data in querystring
  • Add another action hook when forms are constructed
  • Add a button on the system information page to download an html file of system information

February 20, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.31.p

Bug fixes:

  • Don’t set radio button value to checked when ticket selector has more than one ticket option
  • Fix issue where a valid ticket selection throws “A valid ticket could not be retrieved for the event.” error
  • Delay call to EventEspresso\core\services\assets\Registry::wp_localize_scripts until latest possible moment to allow for late data registration
  • Add improvements to the registration list table and checkin list table’s sorting and link titles, new filter hook
  • Fix issue where migrations and batch jobs sometimes do not report errors
  • Allow changing the Phone Number system question’s question type to “US Phone”
  • Remove warnings when checking for database indexes on non-existent tables
  • Fix issue where the extra slash in batch CSV reporting assets caused JavaScript to not load on some servers
  • Fix the_latest_event_date() helper method


  • Merge pull request 178 – new spans with CSS classes added to datetime markup
  • Merge pull request 206 – new action hook
  • Include defaults for model fields with json-schema
  • Use a constant for max number of characters that can be indexed in utf8mb4
  • Fix action in wrong location within locate_template()
  • Add filter to allow changing the data used to generate ICS files

New Feature:

  • Allow managing older message activity data

February 16, 2017

Espresso Calendar 3.2.8.p


  • Add sanitization for shortcode attributes
  • Show featured image thumbnails even on the smallest screens
  • Use version_compare for Database Migration Scripts version comparisons in Calendar


  • Add support for embeddable Calendar in an iframe
  • Add filter hook to allow filtering the display of the event’s start/end time in the calendar
  • Add ID anchor to the Category legend, Venue Select, and Category select that appear above the calendar
  • Add filter hooks around the events permalink output

February 6, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.30.p
Bug fixes:

  • Add sanitization for shortcode attributes that don’t get sanitized/whitelisted in EEH_Event_Query
  • Fix short code month parameter for the [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] short code
  • PHP 7 compatibility: Change the usage of clone so its used properly
  • PHP 7 compatibility: Make sure declaring magic method as a static method
  • Fix issue with template pack api
  • Fix forms system to allow a default null value for dropdown question fields
  • Allow Upcoming Events Widget to also show “Sold Out” upcoming events
  • Add a cron task to delete gateway logs older than a week
  • Fix issue where All Registrations Report times out with many, many, many registrations
  • Ensure all db indexes smaller than 191 characters
  • Fix issue where payment methods that do not support the current currency are available within Single Page CheckOut
  • Remove the “Braintree free 50k” plug from the about page (promotion has ended)

January 31, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.29.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where shortcode for the Registration Cancelled page could not be configured properly
  • Fix issue where “please select a datetime” text is being displayed
  • Fix end of month bug in Event list table month filter selector
  • Add backwards compatibility for older versions of WordPress to avoid Fatal error: Call to undefined function EventEspresso\core\services\assets\rest_url()

January 27, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.28.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix blank ticket selector on backend admin new registration page

January 26, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.27.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix CSS for registration form labels for small screens
  • PHP7.1 – Fix ‘Warning: Illegal string offset ‘xxx’ in /event-espresso-core-reg/core/admin/EE_Admin_List_Table.core.php on line 565
  • filter parent dropdown on quick-edit for critical pages
  • Filter Customizer Static Front Page Dropdowns for critical pages
  • Make sure JSON-LD is valid JSON
  • Prevent Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to EEH_Schema::add_json_linked_data_for_event() must be an instance of EE_Event, string given


  • Modify EEH\_Activation::create_cron_tasks so it can allow setting the initial time for the first scheduled event to run
  • Add support for embeddable Calendar in an iframe
  • new template for ticket price details
  • hook into new action with new callback method and load new template
  • Extract iframe logic from Ticket Selector module and refactor as separate abstracted class so that it can be reused
  • Add robots meta tag to registration checkout, transactions, and thank you pages
  • Implement a filter for test sends to allow extra logic over the setting of messenger test field settings
  • Add front end user-interface for selecting a datetime before selecting tickets
  • Add method to EEM_Base for getting qualified column names for ALL fields on a table
  • send shipping data to PayPal Pro. Use registration info for this if possible, otherwise fallback to using billing info

January 17, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.26.p
Bug fixes:

  • Don’t deactivate incompatible addons
  • Fix registration type messages not being sent when paying with PayPal Express on a SPCO re-visit
  • Always show each ticket type’s Quantity and Price info on reg checkout
  • Fix Fatal error: Call to a member function name() on boolean in core/db_classes/EE_Ticket.class.php on line 1090
  • Fix broken payment step on SPCO when using Braintree PM

New Features:

  • Add Schema.org JSON-LD for events
  • REST API – return a $schema property on options requests
  • Add filter hook to PayPal Express gateway to allow sending additional data to PayPal

January 12, 2017

MailChimp 2.3.4

  • Pass $registration and $EVT_ID to ‘FHEE__EE_MCI_Controller__mci_submit_to_mailchimp__subscribe_args’ filter

January 11, 2017

Braintree Payment Method add-on 1.0.5

Bug fixes:

January 10, 2017

Braintree Payment Method add-on 1.0.4

Bug fixes:

  • Update Braintree JS to use proper booleans
  • Remove default button parameter that is set to null

January 5, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.25.p
Bug fixes and Enhancement:

  • Update EE_Datetime spaces_remaining to include reserved tickets too
  • Add checks for object instance before accessing methods
  • Add filter to allow target blank for Alternative Registration links

January 3, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.24.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue when jQuery validation disabled or WP_User active, SPCO form submission is failing
  • Fix the primary registrant info overwriting additional registrants if the last name question is not included within the personal info question group
  • Change State Dropdown select to use hide() && show() and the disable property for controlling valid options
  • Fix inconsistent capability restrictions on various registration admin page list table views
  • Add new EEM_Message status to represent when the messages system passes off a message to be processed by a messenger
  • Only delete failed transactions after a week if they have no payments
  • Add shims for get_preview_post_link() and is_post_type_viewable()
  • Plugin Update Engine: Don’t listen on POST requests for sitelicensekey saves when DOING_WP_CRON
  • Remove html tags from translation strings
  • Make PayPal Express order item names and descriptions filterable and consistent with other gateways
  • REST API: Filter/remove the self_wp_post link for events and venues when the WP REST API v2 plugin is active
  • Reword “Table existed when it shouldn’t exist” warnings
  • Fix ‘category’ typo within migration messages


  • Remove additional Attendee divs from display when no information is asked for additional attendees
  • Introduce new EventEspresso\core\services\assets\Registry class for loading scripts and queueing up data
  • Add button to the registrations list table to download the results of the current registration list table query into a CSV file
  • Add filter to model enum fields allowed_enum_values

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